Monthly Archives: 9月 2022


M1の岡村君が国際会議IEEE/ACM DS-RT 2022で発表しました

M1の岡村君が国際会議IEEE/ACM DS-RT 2022で発表しました。

Ryo Okamura and Takuya Azumi, “DAG Scheduling Considering Parallel Execution for High-Load Processing on Clustered Many-Core Processors,” In Proceedings of the 26th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications (DS-RT 2021), Alès, France, Sep. 2022.


M2の小林君とM1の小野澤君がSOMET 2022で発表しました

M2の小林君とM1の小野澤君がSOMET 2022に参加し、発表を行いました。
Yutaro Kobayashi, Hiroshi Fujimoto, and Takuya Azumi “Communication Overhead Schema Independent of Libraries for Software/Hardware Interface,”

Takumi Onozawa, and Takuya Azumi “Self-driving Software Benchmark for Model-based Development,”


M2の矢野君が論文誌(JIPSJ Journal of Information Processing)に論文2編が採択されました

M2の矢野君が論文誌(JIPSJ Journal of Information Processing)に下記の論文が採択されました

Atsushi Yano, Shingo Igarashi, and Takuya Azumi, “LET Paradigm Scheduling Algorithm Considering Parallel Processing on Clustered Many-core Processor,” IPSJ Journal of Information Processing, Vol.30, pp.646-658, 2022.

Atsushi Yano and Takuya Azumi, “CQGA-HEFT: Q-learning-based DAG Scheduling Algorithm Using Genetic Algorithm in Clustered Many-core Platform,” IPSJ Journal of Information Processing, Vol.30, pp. 659-668, 2022.